Glenn Rhee Tribute (‘Colorblind’ Song)

Another tribute to Glenn with a song I believe matches the scenes. I cut out some scenes from my first tribute and added in the dinner dream sequence in the end. Call it lazy that I recycled most of it, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Created using Filmora.

Song: Counting Crows – Colorblind

I own nothing! AMC owns the clips.


TWD Season 8 Premiere: What a frightful night!

TWD Season 8 Premiere: What a frightful night!

Abe met thirsty Lucille. Glenn met Lucille. Everybody were on their knees, bloody terrified of what next spell Lucille would whisper to her vessel, Negan. I wouldn’t want to picture the reaction Negan would get if his precious was to disappear. Oh my!

It’s been an unforgettable six year journey (TWD premiered on Oct. 31, 2010), Mr. Rhee. I’ll miss your cheery optimism and nurturing presence forever. I like you too, Abe =]] They’re now in heaven dining with Hershel & the gang for spaghetti Wednesdays.




In the meantime, AMC just renewed TWD for season 8! Negan is so badass what if he had his own spin-off?! I think he can carry his own show. Don’t you, friend? What a guy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Considering how mind blowing the season 7 premiere was and The Parents Television Council’s gigantic backlash over Negan’s brutality, let’s take it chill with this video I made featuring Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ to relieve all the chaos running rampant.


Me Before You: ‘Live Forever’ Music Video

Watched Me Before You recently. It was quite well done. I’m glad I watched it alone because some tears were shed and I felt uncomfortable because topics that I’ve questioned were discussed. I can relate quite a bit with Will Traynor having been struck by a car when I was eight years old with a traumatic brain injury. Consequently, using a power wheelchair has replaced my legs. Consequently, it was as if I was watching my personal thoughts being on screen. Consequently, like Will, I keep rewinding back to the ‘what ifs…?’ of the past. The countless, positive responses I reason to myself only reaffirms that I haven’t totally let go of the past, even after two decades. I’m stuck in an infinite loop. I hope I can find something or someone to help me reach the light at the end of tunnel. Hope… A simple word with a deep meaning. Hope must be doing something right in my life since I’m still here.

Anyway, the above is a MV I made featuring Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors’s brilliant song ‘Live Forever’.