The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

I am a fan of zombies. I enjoy a movie depicting endless zombies furnished with a small group of survivors trying to overcome their odds to stay alive. This fits the description of The Walking Dead yet not in its entirety. As opposed to many movies in the typical zombie apocalypse plot, this series is very unique in that it heavily makes you think and critique every character and their actions. The relationships between them interacts so vividly I dare to say The Walking Dead is not so much about zombies and blasting them to smithereens with shotguns, revolvers and the all-so silent melee weapons like a baseball bat or sword than it is the love-hate and personal demons circulating about. This field is not explored much by the zombie-genre and it has always been missing until now.

Speaking of characters, the love-hate factor is evident right from the beginning. The same feelings will not always be there as you will change due to the fact character development is literally on steroids here. It is almost like a biography of every one packed into a series.

In summary, the action is all there just like any other zombie movie you would expect. What clearly makes the series stand out from the rest is the portrayal of how and what the word humanity means.

What does humanity mean?

How do you balance between humanity and the will to survive?

Is humanity relevant even in this day?

Or is humanity obsolete?

Humanity has never been more subjective than it is now.

I am a late-comer since initially I was not interested about The Walking Dead. I think it is because I do not have cable, believe it or not, nor do I own any other series on DVD. True, I had heard about it before with all the praises. I bought the first and second season just recently out of curiosity [ bored at shows featuring now on regular TV ] and the praises were all true. I am going to get the third season as soon as possible and have a good feeling I will re-watch it again and again.

I also would like to note: Andrew Lincoln has that Wolverine persona in him from my observation.


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

  1. My client got me into the series this past week. I hurried up and became a member of Netflix (free for the first month) and have been able to watch all the episodes of Season 1 and 2. Now, all I have to do is catch up on Season 3 on Cable. I like all the characters and the storyline is very well written; I love the cliff hangers at the end of each episode. My only complaint is Carl who comes across as a very spoiled, disrespectful and demanding child and his mother who is just as demanding and bossy. I’m looking forward to the day when they are both gone, lol. Other than that, I like the other characters a lot; they bring a lot to the table and series.

    1. Hi Java Girl,

      Indeed, once you start on Season 1 you can’t help but to keep on going until you’re all caught up. I have Netflix as well since 2005, but for some reason I was tugged to buy Season 1 and 2. Without knowing Season 3 had not been released yet on DVD, it was on my to-buy list at Walmart, lol. If you’re wanting to start on Season 3, iTunes has it [ where I watch it since I don’t have cable ]. $2.99/ep for HD and $1.99/ep for SD.

      I like Daryl and Glenn. Never noticed Carl as spoiled but I was disappointed at Lori. “How could she?!” Season 3 will utterly amaze you.

      Thank you for the comment. Cheers.

      1. Will you be posting more blogs soon about the show? Yes, I was looking around YouTube to watch cast interviews and reading some comments. I had to quickly look away when I saw some write about things in Season 3. I like surprises, it makes it all the better. I think the writers are incredible in this show. Something I have not noticed in other zombie shows (not that I am a zombie fanatic or anything). What are your thoughts on the writers?

      2. I hate it when looking up The Walking Dead or any movie title and happen to see spoilers in the comments and that video list to the far right, lol. If you type a character’s name into the search field like in Google, it predicts what you may type and this has gotten me into trouble . . . don’t do it or type without looking at the screen. I haven’t dived into the writers much, but I agree it’s quality stuff. I love the twists and complexities in each episode. Not all action as most of the other zombie films heavily portray but you can only add so much in a full feature film, in fairness. TWD as a continuing drama opens up a whole new world–something the writers undertake delicately.

        My plan’s to deliver more content ranging from a lot of categories including TWD soon. Stay tuned!

      3. Thanks! I will be waiting for future blogs! I haven’t googled the character’s name so I haven’t read any spoilers for Season 3. I did see a Season 3 cast interviews which I quickly skipped on YouTube in fear I would hear something I didn’t want to hear. I have gone to the TWD official website, but only read to a certain part under the cast’s information. Lol. I’m really enjoying this show due to the twists and psychology of it all. They must be working or getting advice from a psychologist because they are on the spot with show casing organized chaos and how a team turns against each other in a secluded world (I’m thinking Survivor and Big Brother).

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