Wolverine Lincoln style! [ no, this isn’t a parody ]

After watching The Walking Dead and becoming a walker for the series, I have to put this out here: Wolverine Lincoln style! Now hold on before you comic book nerds twist your heads off; think about it — Andrew Lincoln could definitely portray Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has done an amazing job bringing Wolverine alive, and because Hollywood, as you well know, is now running out of ideas and the only solution is to make a reboot [ to make it entirely new ] or remake [ to make entirely new based on its origin ], if ever they were to go this route, why not cast Mr. Lincoln? “Wait . . . he’s British. We can’t have an English Wolverine! Abomination!” Imagine my horrific surprising reaction when I succumbed to hear that English accent. Besides, Mr. Jackman’s Australian. See what I did there?

1. Add twenty to thirty pounds.

2. Lift weights.

3. Grow his hair out.

4. ??

5. Profit!


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