What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

1996. I was nine-years old. Ordinary day just like any other ordinary day–past and present and the future, if by future meaning there would be those days every nine-year old kid would experience in life: pulling pony tails from that girl who just gave me the stare, cutting in line, and eating Armadillidiidae [ a.k.a. roly polies ] from a triple-dog dare. Yea, life was normal for me so I had thought until the car accident. I was struck by a car driven by a teen [ no hard feelings, mate ]. Remained at hospital for about almost a year as a traumatic brain injury patient. Celebrated my birthday and holidays there, which weren’t that bad to be honest. The awful part was some genius had come up with a clever idea of having fourth grade at a hospital, of all places.

My life took a whole different turn that year learning to adjust to not being able to do the things I had once enjoyed, but being on bench. A transition of scenery. A unique challenge of pace. Sixteen years marked with regrets, depression, and anxiety. There were happy moments, too. The former took a hold on my life for the most part but I’m grateful because it led me to discover a higher power, Jesus Christ. I still have cloudy days. My future is uncertain. Although there’ll be menacing waves pounding against me, I have faith in what’s unseen that gives me hope. 

In retrospect, I see life and everything that dwells in life shouldn’t be taken lightly. I ponder at my quiet times “Where would I be right now if that hadn’t happened?” It’s good to take a break every now and then to spend a moment of silent reflection.

Examine others. Examine your own self. 


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  1. Oh wow. Sorry to hear about your accident. I’m glad you recovered. I was 9 too when I became
    a Christian. My spacebar did not work after the word Christian. Hm.

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