Dancing Queen

We used to operate a washateria and well, this is very neat. I love how she just goes about dancing as if no one’s there, or rather not giving a hoot about what others may think of her. 


The Walking Dead: The Game

I tend to always wait when something new or groundbreaking stirs the hearts and minds in the human race. In my previous post, I said I missed the opening party when The Walking Dead series launched. And now having been converted to following Rick and his crew, The Walking Dead: The Game is here.

The Walking Dead: The Game is an episodic game featuring point-and-click style with WASD movement. The game play is not sophisticated as other blockbuster game titles like Mass Effect or Dragon Age. It is rather a “move to A to B and click objects you see” system. While this may seem as a snooze fest, the grasping story and intense emotions replaces the void. This is all taking place while Rick is at hospital.

You take control of the main protagonist, Lee Everett, who has gotten himself a free ride to the jailhouse, handcuffed and bruised, and likely to live behind bars for a long time until the zombie apocalypse unleashes full force. Lee can be seen as a hopeless soul, losing those dearest to him, and redemption is unreachable. Have you seen the Johnson&Johnson commercial “Having a baby changes everything”? Clementine is that saving grace. A cute 9 year old girl who is Lee’s goal to protect her at all costs. Lee will meet many other survivors but no one will ever match the relationship between Lee and Clementine. The conversations have timed-dialogue options you will have to pick and your response will affect the story. Will you stand up for an accused family? Will you take things that do not belong to you so you can feed Clementine? Will you take the blame? Will you take human life? Others will react to your choices and actions. There will be lightly visible glows on screen. Clicking on, for example, a candy bar will Lee take it and can freely give it to anyone you wish.

The graphics are beautifully rendered. Reminds me of Google Sketchup and Borderlands. The voice acting is very solid with the face gesture on par with its emotional tone. I was mesmerized by Clementine’s the most. The music is haunting. Combine these together I unashamedly confess I cried at times. Truly a wonder not only to look at but to hear as well. All five episodes are available to purchase. This game is a gem!