Dancing Queen

We used to operate a washateria and well, this is very neat. I love how she just goes about dancing as if no one’s there, or rather not giving a hoot about what others may think of her. 


9 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Great news! To my previous comment earlier about my mom in the ICU. I just called her caretaker and she said her blood pressure went up to 91 and that they are giving her a blood transfusion now. She has 4 different types of antibiotics and she’s resting comfortably now. I feel much better and will sleep a little better. Can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

      1. I admit some remakes are done correctly. Take the reboot Spider-Man for example. As much as I liked the original trilogy, the remake has more ‘confetti’–more action, suspense, and drama. Kinda sad that the original films are basically like experimental films and remakes learn and adapt from them. Ask me, Titanic will be rebooted, lol.

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