The Walking Dead Second Half Season Begins Tonight!

It will be all eye-candy to see how Team Rick will loop through the Governor and his minions. I hear that many will be going to be killed off. But I’m not ready. Still re-watching all the seasons and I’m in season 2.

Are you ready?


23 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Second Half Season Begins Tonight!

  1. Hey!! I’m looking forward to what you write about TWD! I wasn’t able to see it tonight, but I did have to catch up on a few episodes after Lori gave birth. That was such a heartbreaking scene, if there ever was a powerful scene where Rick finds out about Lori. Holy cow!

    1. Remember when Rick and Carl were in the barn and had some time to talk about death? It was somewhere along the line of “Son, everyone is going to die some day. I’m going to die, Mom’s going to die.” And Rick hands Carl the gun back. I never expected Carl to grow up so soon.

      1. Yeah! That was excellent work on the writer’s angle in incorporating that “flashback” on that part. It made sense, because at that point, I had forgotten about that part. That was many, many episodes ago. Maggie is developing nice with her character. I’m impressed.

  2. I FINALLY downloaded and bought Season 3. I just finished watching “The Suicide King”, but I’m not sure who that was since the gov dude is still alive and so is Rick, although he acted weird at the end of the episode with Lori’s “ghost” up in the second floor looking down at him. Why he’s being haunted by her is so weird to me. I didn’t think they’d go into the paranormal aspect of this. Andrea was acting like a total idiot in the past episodes. Just sayin’…..

    1. Good to hear from you, Java Girl!
      Well, Rick and Lori weren’t getting along. Lori tried to make up with him, but Rick remained at a distance until it was too late. Besides the enormous feeling of guilt, he lost Daryl as he chose to go with his brother. Rick needs his right-hand man because honestly the entire group would be walking on thin ice without more natural-born fighters like Daryl. Rick confirms this by saying, “We started something last night. You realize that, huh?” to Daryl before he parts. Translation: “I need you.” Such events as these and keeping the group safe equates to a lot of pressure and seeing things… people. I personally like this approach of making Rick vulnerable, and I hope we can see more of this. Andrea is just being… Andrea, lol.

      1. Ah. Gotcha. I just finished “The Prey”. I was kinda hoping the governor would DIE by the bites of the “biters”, but alas he of course, like a cartoon, survived them and ended up pouncing on Andrea. He’s a crazy one, that fella! He’s soooo evil! I like how in season 3, the main characters are being broken down. It’s very raw emotions being emoted from them. This is all good writing, of course. I’m anxious to see how the next two episodes pan out. I’ll let you know! 😀

      2. Well…..just finished the last episode of Season 3!! It wasn’t a huge cliff hanger as I expected or read about. I had heard that “not many people” would be tuning in for the 4th Season, I guess now because Merle and Andrea are gone. I’m still watching it regardless. I’m determined to see how this all ends. I’ve never read the comic books, but nevertheless, I’m curious to see how it pans out. I still think Carl is a spoiled little brat who does as he pleases. Lol! Anyways. When is the next Season returning? What are your thoughts on the last episode? I’d love to know!

      3. I agree that I was hoping to see a very climatic event like the Governor going one-on-one with Rick. Perhaps it was a wise move not to kill of the Governor but to include him in season four. It would have been neat to see the two fight for a minute or two and then breaking off to an epic conclusion.

        Carl’s turning into Shane; he killed that deserter-kid in cold blood and as defense, said he had to do what he had to do to Rick. Plus, his Father’s badge was dropped [ purposefully? ] when Carl walked off. He didn’t look like a happy camper when Rick “adopted” the remaining Woodbury residents–mostly the elderly and children. I wonder if Rick will need to kill his son.

        Season four will likely debut in October 2013. Morgan should be a regular in my opinion. I’m excited!

      4. Yeh, sounds awful of me to say this, but I do hope Rick does have to kill Carl (if he turns into a zombie). Carl is getting a bit too cocky for my taste. I still think he’s a spoiled little brat who thinks he can do whatever he wants and doesn’t listen to adults. Ugh. I think it’s great Rick took in those people. Now he’s kinda turning into a governor too! Lol! Where are you from btw? England? Australia? 🙂

      5. Haha, well now that you say it THAT way, it does sound funny! 😛 I was just wondering because you said “mate” one day in regards to a friend. It just sounded like something a British person would say to a friend, i.e., “cheers mate”. Anywho. I hear they need some zombies down there in Hotlanta! Lol. Do you have twitter? Let me know. I could add you. 😀

      6. Ah, I see. I just like saying it. It sets me apart, and in this case it obviously did =]] I don’t have Twitter; not really into the social media type thingy, but thank you for the consideration.

        I had forgotten to post this earlier, but it would have taken an interesting turn if the Governor, in the episode “Arrow on the Doorpost” at 25:52, didn’t ask for Michonne but rather for Judith. Seems fitting since he lost his daughter, Penny, and Judith can be raised as his own since she’s just a baby. What do you think?

      7. Funny you should say that because I honestly thought he was GOING to ask for Judith. He had that “look” in his eyes. Then he said Michonne. He was out for blood!! I see a love triangle possibly developing and a wedding would be nice in the midst of the zombie attacks. I’ve never read the comic books, so I am not picky as others are in having the show be exactly like the comics. Have you read the comics? 🙂

  3. My mom went into the ICU tonight. I took the rest of the day off from work to be with her. Her blood pressure was very low when she arrived at the ER and for almost a whole day, they’ve tried to raise it without much pain medicine. IT’s a catch 22 because if they give her pain medicine with her low bp, her bp will down even further, but she’s in so much pain. Keep her in your prayers. It’s been a rough day for adventure boy and myself. We understand and accept if she had to leave this earth, but still it’s been tough. At one point, I was caressing her head and talking to her. She was so cold and said, “Oh, I think I’m dying. I’m dying.” I quickly called Ab over and he said he loved her. She got better after that, but still. It was scary hearing her say that. 😦 I just wanted you to know because you’ve become a good friend in the past year, I know you’d understand. I didn’t want to write about this in a recent blog so I randomly chose this blog post. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and people will be with their family and eating. I’ll be down in the ICU with my mom. I just hope she improves tomorrow. :/

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your mother recovers soon, even during this holiday season. It’s good that you two can come to terms with it; we all at one point have to leave this world, but it’s something most of us don’t want to believe when it is about to meet us. For some there are strained relationships and the person lying on his/her deathbed won’t have loved ones beside him/her. Others, there will be infighting within the family. What I’m trying to say is that your family sounds tight-knit. What may or may not happen, cherish and embrace the Now, Cid.

      1. Thank you. She passed away 11:34 am this morning. Beforehand, yesterday when she was conscious, she said she loved us. We said it too. We are home. No turkey dinner. We’ll get some later today or tomorrow.

      2. They DO bare much Philip. It means you care, along with my other WP friends. That alone means the world. You have no idea how many other “friends” from FB haven’t bothered to say anything. It makes me sad and makes me also want to delete them. This is a very serious milestone in life, why would people choose to ignore this if they consider you a “friend” or vice versa. I hate FB for that reason, but then again, I see who my true friends are. 🙂 I’m hanging in there. Will write a blog post about it, I think in one of my journals. I have to go to the funeral place tomorrow to discuss the committal service for Monday. The memorial service is next Saturday. Then I can focus on work for a week or two before I have to use up my vacation at the end of the month. My mom loved holidays. She loved decorating her entire house. This Christmas will be a first without her. :/

      3. The world stops when this milestone hits. It’s the consequence of love. Would it be best to not love at all? Depends on the person. But how would one know what love actually means without the pain?

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