The mat said “Welcome.”

I just couldn’t help stop laughing when Michonne, a very mysterious figure who we know nothing much about, interrupts Rick and Carl’s serious dialogue by the crunchy chip noises being munched on in episode Clear. It’s hard to picture it with words alone, but my gosh is it hilarious. In other news, it’s revealed that Michonne also sees dead people like Rick. In her exact words,   “I know you see things. People. I used to talk to my dead boyfriend. It happens.” Boyfriend? The guy must have been a needle in a haystack! Why does it seem like the hero-type figures have an inevitable schizophrenia trial awaiting them? It looks to me Michonne is doing quite well staying sane. Rick can learn a few things from her, and I’m sure he will as Carl now gave the A-OK of her being a member. Fortunately, Morgan is back for who knows how long. He’s been doing well over the past year and setup creative booby traps. He would do quite the justice of defending the prison with his creativity, if you ask me. Unfortunately, “Duane turned.” My heart broke.


2 thoughts on “The mat said “Welcome.”

  1. Michonne`s character is written so seriously that any normal thing to you and I comes across as hilarious! I laughed when she and Carl were at the bar and she ran back in to get him his family portrait along with a colored statue cat!! She said it was pretty! Haha!

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