I spy ?? with my eye ..

I spy ?? with my eye ..


10 thoughts on “I spy ?? with my eye ..

  1. Nice to meet you Philip! My name is Cid, short for my full name. I don’t like posting my full name on the internet because it’s so unusual anyone can stalk me online, hehe. I’ve started playing the walking dead game on FB. It’s fun!

      1. Ha, I’m not addicted (shifts eyes). Just kidding. I played it once, but I haven’t played it since. I’m hardly on Facebook. It’s SO boring to me. No interaction. People talk to their selected friends and ignore the rest. That’s not my style. I love WP as there is a lot more interaction which is what I love so much. If I do play it again, I hope to beat my friends scores. I’m very competitive! I’m off to see some kites tomorrow-cross my fingers. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday Philip! 😀

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