Fully Customize PS3 Games’ Button Layouts

^ No, these are not birth control pills. 

Ever get so stoked about a new game only to find out that the control layout is hideous, or you try your best to soak in the button layout that you’re missing out on the gameplay? 

Meet the revolutionary XCM Swapper. The Swapper, unsurprisingly, allows you to fully customize any PS3 game’s default button layout to your own sat-is-fac-tion! Each button including the directional-pad and Start and Select can be switched except the Home button. L2 and R2 can be reversed; L2 can be Square and left arrow can be R1; even the right and left analog sticks can be reversed. Nothing is limited. 

This is a very smart and useful invention. It’s a must-have for those looking for more head-room in the button layout category–and there aren’t many–and for those with limited mobility. I ordered the XCM Swapper from Play-Asia for $69.90 plus $0.50 shipping. Used on Killzone 3 with zero lag. 


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