The Walking Dead Season Four Teaser


13 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season Four Teaser

  1. Oh my goodness!! If that isn’t the funniest video I saw all day today! How did this post get hidden amongst my other posts from my reader? SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Can’t think of any at the moment… I may have exaggerated that part, LOL. This is random, but don’t you think Milton looks like the late John Ritter? I seriously thought so.

      2. Haha, randomness is the best Philip! Yeah, they look alike, however, Milton has his hair parted the other way compared to Ritter. They could have been brothers on TWD. Hey. Randomness from my way, are you going to watch Word War Z? It’s got zombies in it. I think I might check it out. I hear it’s pretty entertaining…..

      1. Ok, I’ll check them out. Btw. I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. I’ll be posting a blog about it this weekend or as soon as I can. It’s a great movie, thanks for recommending it! I haven’t told anyone in the blog world yet, but I’m telling you. I’m currently working on a blog specifically for movie reviews of Foreign Films. I absolutely love foreign films and have watched so many! 🙂 Hope you can subscribe to it.

      2. Yeah. I love Asian, Indian, Scandinavian, Brazilian and Argentinian movies to name a few. I’m still designing my blog…choosing themes etc. Do you know how to install the slider thingy??

      3. I don’t, no, sorry. I really haven’t gotten comfortable with WordPress and its layout interface. Don’t you just wish you can say “install slider thingy” and there it is? I know I would, LOL.

      4. It’s ok. I just think those slider thingies are great and gives a blog a professional look. 🙂 Yeah. Wish I could just speak and the computer would complete all my wishes….a girl can dream. LOL

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