Season 4 Looks Good!

I think Beth has a crush on Daryl. 


6 thoughts on “Season 4 Looks Good!

  1. I saw the trailer a few hours ago and it looks exciting! I can’t wait! They are introducing so many more characters though. I guess they need to kill them off too, instead of the main ones. LOL

      1. Well, according to the comic books, they stay around for a while. I have no idea what or how it ends. I’m hoping for maybe 8? Do you think they can stretch it out that far? I still wish they didn’t kill off Merle so fast. He was kinda growing on me. It’s always hard to accept the new “fillers”. Thankfully they don’t stay around too long! 😛

      2. As much as I adore TWD, it’s blurry to imagine how long it can last. 8 wouldn’t hurt, but I hope the episodes won’t be a filler just for the sake of prolonging the show. And right when we were starting to like Merle, he’s out!

      3. I know right?! He was just starting to change too! I hope that annoying kid finally turns into a zombie. You know, Carl, the one I always complain about? HAHA

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