Which is better?

I realize I haven’t been here for a good amount of time, but hey hey, Surprise! I really don’t have anything really beneficial to write other than this which I postponed for weeks to share until now:

Which is better–to touch but unable to see, or to see but unable to touch?



17 thoughts on “Which is better?

  1. I’m assuming that if you can’t touch, you can’t be touched either? So you wouldn’t be able to feel a hug? In that case, I would rather feel but not see, than to see and not feel.

    1. I would likely pick that too, but it kinda makes you wonder about the alternative. Those who are blind can touch and in a way they can see through it. I wonder if the opposite holds any bearing like being able to feel through what one sees…

      1. Blind people may have lost their sight, but their other senses are heightened as a result. I think you might be talking about compassion, which not everyone possesses. 🙂

      1. Carl has been on my hit list since day ONE, hahaha! Annoying little kid! 😛 I just finished seeing Alien vs Predator Requiem. I’m a Predator fan now! Screw the aliens! LOL

      2. Nope. Never seen it. I’ll see it if you suggest it. Maybe if I’m adventurous enough, I’ll even review it. What’s so amazing about Prometheus? Yeah, it’s an interesting franchise. I’ve read comments from rabid Alien fans and I think, “Wow. I’ll get hurt if I dare say anything!”. Haha!

      1. Yep! My client was an excellent in selling me this show. I was never into zombies and this was the last thing I would watch, but the storyline seemed cool and by the first episode, I was hooked! The writing is good too. AB loves it. He doesn’t get nightmares and rarely has to watch it with hands up to his face, hahaha!

    1. For sure! Did you watch the finale of Breaking Bad? I’ve never seen it, but out of the immense popularity of the finale I went and saw it on Youtube. Makes you wonder how TWD’s finale will be. I’m vaguely hearing the echo of a TWD spin-off.

      1. Nah. I didn’t see the finale of Breaking Bad. I have no idea what it’s even about. I know, I know. Living in a cave. It will be a sad day when TWD ends. A spin off, yeah, I’ve heard that too. They better not have that annoying kid, Carl, in it. But wait. Maybe he’ll be killed off this season, wahoo! LOL. What do you think of the spin off? Who do you think they will carry over and to what State? Detroit? Lol.

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