Luther–A Show to Bleed For!

“I could control my actions but not the consequences of my actions.”

I’ve recently finished watching all three seasons of Luther, and what a great, thrill-ride joy it has been! A story about a hard, cold detective, Luther is not afraid to cross the threshold of serial killers and psychopaths in their world and playing, for the most part, by their rules. Luther is passionately driven to purge the lowliest of the low that anyone can subject him as a man of righteousness protecting the vulnerable and upholding justice, but to the experienced eye there lies a detective who has his own demons and not surprisingly of a man in his nature, Luther’ s determined prowess imbalances his private life and only sinks him deeper into the rabbit’s hole entering the very place his suspects are in–hell. With smart plots and twists, engaging characters ( especially one certain individual in mind ), you will cry, panic, sympathize, pity, and morosely despise episode after episode.