How time flies by so quickly!

It was as if it was only yesterday The Walking Dead premiered for the first time. Now, The Walking Dead is in its fourth season and premiering tonight to its magnificent audience!

No cable here so I will have to wait a day before I can watch it gleefully on iTunes. Not necessarily a terrible thing, and here’s why. I can pause and rewind and watch it as many times as I want–and trust me, you do not want to watch any show with me because I literally rewind a scene a lot to soak in the dialogue and see the things happening in the background. Know how the camera only focuses on a particular character when something dramatic occurs? I pause and rewind not only to study the focused character, but also the other characters–however major or minor they may be–behind the F.C. I analyze their body movements, facial expressions, and what comes out of their mouth. What takes an hour to watch takes an extra half-hour at the least for me. I would drive you nuts and you would drive me nuts with your screaming “Just watch the bloody episode!”

Remember the WWJD? fad bracelet back in the late ’90s? Great shows like Game of Thrones, Luther, and, yours truly, The Walking Dead have donned a WWID?


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