The Walking Dead in its highly anticipated fourth season opens up with a serene scene of plant life decorating the prison safe-haven.


The scene now changes to show how much has changed and improved. The headquarter now has a dining area with which it looks like a source of grown vegetables as its food supply where Rick is walking towards.

Rick is shown digging with shovel in hand a pile of dirt. At first it appears he is prepping to plant some watermelon seeds or something, but he finds a pistol instead. I don’t think he stumbled across this accidentally because judging from his behavior and facial expressions, he planted the pistol exactly at the spot. But why and what significance is there to go hiding a much needed weapon in this day and age? Going on a whim here, I can only think that that pistol was the exact pistol Carl used to kill that innocent kid–no more than three or five years older than Carl–in the finale of season three. I can only speculate that Rick was trying to retain his son’s innocence by hiding what broke it. If that’s the case, why is the pistol seeing the light of day?

A symbol of Carl's "coming of self-destruction"?
A symbol of Carl’s “coming of self-destruction”?
The prison is a Walker magnet! How much can the fences withstand?

Aside from seeing the new guests now adopted by Rick and the so called “council”–making up of Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, and pretty much the rest of the folks you’d expect. The former Woodburyisidents are now helping with chores and duties. We meet Bob, an Army medic, who wants to contribute by joining scouts. We also get to see Tyreese and Karen and Beth and Zack are a couple. Glenn and Maggie are just… Glenn and Maggie. Nothing has changed except their love has exponentially skyrocketed and expect interesting things to come soon.


We see the scouting party led by Daryl going on a trip to a department store to gather daily necessities. All seems clear of walkers but unbeknownst to them the roof is cluttered with walkers and a crashed helicopter. Prior the Army were stationed at the store until Sasha hooked up a radio that attracted unwanted noise.

Zack is in middle; Bob is in far right.


The shopping goes well, and even Glenn is caught attention by the baby photo marketing ( baby on the way? ) when all of a sudden as Bob is putting the wine back on the shelf ( Bob fought the temptation to tuck it in his jacket ) the shelf collapses on him, pinning his leg and causing a lot of broken bottle noise.


Evidently Bob is no Bob the Builder.

The gym class of walkers on the roof are aroused and here I’m thinking “how will they go down? It’s cool, everyone is safe,” the weight of the walkers and not to mention the crashed helicopter results in the walkers falling from the roof. After a frenzy fight and Glenn almost getting bit since the walkers are chasing them and they have no way to know where the next walker will land, they free Bob. Unfortunately, Zack gets torn to pieces.

While all this is going on, Rick leaves the prison to go catch animals for dinner. He hesitantly takes his signature revolver by the request of Hershel in behalf of the Council. He stumbles upon an injured boar and as he approaches from a distance, a figure appears and he quickly goes stealth mode. He tries to turn back and leave until the noise of a twig is broken. The walker speaks, “Please. Wait. Please. Please. Please help me.” Obviously this is not a walker as I had first thought, but to my credit I would have been rewarded at least a star for being vigilant.


She asks Rick if he has a camp and he replies yes. To her second question of possibly joining the camp, Rick needs to ask three questions to her and her husband, Eddie, who is awaiting her return at their own little camp. Rick does a body search and finds a blade buckled on her belt; he warns her that she will lose if she does anything–not him. Both give an affirmation of good faith and she gets to keep her blade. While on their way to Eddie, there are some small talk and her elaborating about how she and Eddie survived. Rick recites “This is not charity. You have to have numbers. People are the best defense against walkers or people. We help each other.” She rolls her eyes: “You call them ‘walkers’?”

They arrive. Rick quickly observes the woman’s camp with his eye. As a sudden thrash of a machete being unsheathed awakens his senses, Rick barely dodges the blade’s direction. She sobs lying on the grass dirt with the revolver aimed at her. “I wanted to take the boar,” she defends, “I just knew–I knew I’d get you here quicker. He’s starving. He’s slowing. He needs something alive.” Rick scans the camp once again and sees a bag moving and growling. Clara pleads with Rick to not kill her animated corpse because she can’t live without her one and only love. “No!” screams Rick. She stabs her self in front of a crying Rick. As her breathing gradually fades, she asks what the three questions are.

“How many walkers have you killed?

“Eddie. Eddie. Killed. Killed them all. Until…”

“How many people have you killed?”

“Just me. Just me.”


“You don’t. You don’t get to come back. You don’t get to come back from things. You don’t…”

Rick leaves behind the wife and husband without ending them.

Carl sees that Reading Time is actually disguised as Training Time for children. Is he going to tell Carol’s secret to daddy? Carol must see Sophia in all of them. Daryl tells Beth her boyfriend Zack is gone. Beth replaces the “30 days without an accident” poster with a zero: “0 days without an accident.” Beth comes on to Daryl. Maggie tells Glenn she’s not pregnant and he is relieved. However, she states she doesn’t want to live in fear and could have brought a child into the world and that breathing is what kept them alive, not fear as Glenn believes. Violet the pig Carl raised since a piglet has died. Time for Violet bacon? Michonne is thinking about traveling to Macon. Patrick’s coughing brings back post traumatic stress to Bob before Patrick turns into a walker instantly with wild eyes…from coming in contact with the water.



3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season Four Premiere

  1. How is Patrick the only one who was affected by water? And Rick. He didn’t cough. Is it the shower water? Lol. Where is the connection with your diagram and how does Violet the Pig part of it? It’s something the pig ate or drank? I didn’t trust that woman in the woods with Rick. There was something very weird about her. What was that moving thing under the blanket? I think you mentioned this season they will have zombies intelligent enough to use weapons, yes? Or they move faster? Where is tongue girl??? <—-Biggest question of the night, haha. Great review! You're hilarious!

    1. The episode had a lot of focused water scenes that suspects me to believe it’s the water that is infected. That woman creeped me out; thought she was a walker who learned her ABCs at first, then when she spoke with that accent of hers, I thought she came from Game of Thrones, and finally thought she was a cannibal. Underneath the bag was Eddie–her walker husband. That was just a suggestion about walkers using weapons and running, but how cool would running be like in 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later! I think I read somewhere rats, yes rats, will be a huge problem.. could Violet be pregnant with rats, lol. I want to see tongue girl too. Thanks for the comment.

      1. LOL! Philip, you crack me up! You sure catch a lot of details. I just watch with my hands up my face (Alien-face-hugger-style). It seems that the virus didn’t quite make creepy woman into a total walker yet. She seemed quite manipulative to be totally zombied out. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if something happened and some of the Game of Thrones characters got lost and wandered into The Walking Dead camp? Or some zombies wandered over to Game of Thrones area? Wait….Violet the Pig preggers with rats? EW! I was kinda hoping Violet the Pig would become a pig zombie. I think I can wait a bit longer for tongue girl. Cliff hangers, darn you! *Shakes fists up in the air*

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