The Walking Dead: Infected

Episode “Infected” of The Walking Dead opens up under a full moon. A flashlight is hovered over the walker’s rotten face by an unidentified person and a rat is its dinner.16

While that particular walker has won the “lottery”, Karen and Tyreese are snuggling. Tyreese is still unbalanced from the recent death of Zack who saved Bob’s life at Big Spot! “What are you thinking about?” asks Karen. “Yesterday. Zack. I can’t stop. It used to be we all had acquaintances. Just people moving in and out of your life. No big. See them down the road sometime. Now, a handful of people you know, and that’s it. They might as well be the only people left in the world,” answers Tyreese. He starts singing a romantic song and they call it a good night. As Karen walks toward her cell, she sees a drawing of Lizzie and Mika behind the fence sheltered away from the walkers on the opposite side–one is named Nick. Karen heads to the boiler room for a quick face wash and notices some noise. She fails at finding the source and brushes it off as she enters Block D and into her cell falling asleep.


A dark shadow stands behind the sheet door with an unaware Karen. The cell’s resident next door lets out a cough and resumes snoring. The unlucky fellow helplessly widens his tense eyes. Only if he can exhale with a scream can this torture be minimized as others would come to his rescue! It’s too late; his throat is silently ripped apart by Patrick.


 The sun has woken up. Rick commits his fatherly time with Judith. Ding DING DIINNNGGG it’s 6 o’clock sharp. Rick wakes Carl so they can start the day tending the pigs. “Carl must’ve read his comic books Michonne brought up all night,” reflects Rick.


Glenn takes a picture of a sleeping Maggie. “Oh my god, throw that away,” objects Maggie. Glenn snatches back the photo, “Yeah. Not gonna happen.” It’s his turn to patrol the perimeter and gets his gear prepared.

Michonne is on her way out catching the father and son together. She’s on another run to gather necessities and comic books for the survivors. She wonders why Rick is rude. “I’m out there like pork chop finding useful things we can all use. At least have the decent courtesy to shave with the Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor I gave you.” The day before Hershel suggested that Rick should outfit himself with blue jean overalls and a straw hat to better conform with farm life.

In another time and place, Rick and Carl would have been talking about sports, cars, and what crazy bum Rick and Shane had encountered. Digging up rich protein worms to feed to the pigs and being growled at by walkers is the present. “Dad, when can I have my gun back?” A long silence befalls between the two until BAM! a shot is fired within the prison with Lizzie and Mika storming out. “Walkers in D!” yells Glenn. “What about C?” reciprocates Rick. Sasha answers “Clear. We locked the gates to the tombs. We followed the plan.” All three with Carol, Tyreese, and Daryl dash for Block D. Rick reaches down his waist only to see there’s no revolver. Michonne hears the echo of the shot and races back to the headquarter.


As the thick metal double doors are opened by Carl, it is breached by two walkers who make their way on top of Michonne. She manages to get them off with Maggie’s help and Carl’s rifle shot–a long time of not using a weapon until now must have reawakened and resurrected a hibernating Carl.

At least 6 walkers were killed in Block D.

After the onslaught, they examine a walker’s dead corpse closely. “It’s a sickness from the walkers?” asks Bob to Dr. Caleb Subramanian. “Could be pneumococcal,” the doctor confidently responds. He continues that it is “most likely an aggressive flu strain.” The Council decides what to do next. Carol is surprised how sudden Patrick turned. Daryl cautions that everyone in Block D are already exposed to the flu. “That’s all of us. Maybe more,” announces Rick’s right-hand man. Because of Hershel’s standing and wisdom, he gives a speech that because this sickness is lethal and nothing is known about how quick it spreads, they must be moved.  Carol proposes Block A. Glenn rhetorically asks “Death row? I’m not sure that’s much of an upgrade.”

“It’s clean. That’s an upgrade,” states Daryl.

The sun’s ray is focused on Glenn. He’s the chosen one!

As the meeting is disbanded, they all hear coughing near. Karen has been exposed. “She’s going to be okay. Now that we know what Patrick died from we can treat it, right?” asks Tyreese. Hershel says “Don’t panic. We’re going to figure this out. But we should keep you separated in the meantime.” They recommend she should be with the others and transfer with an uneasy Tyreese beside her. Karen tells that David from the Decatur group has been coughing. Glenn volunteers to get him and meet the rest at the tombs.

Lizzie and Mika lost their dad in the onslaught. Carol reiterates what happened and they would meet the same fate if they do not defend themselves. Carol comforts Lizzie as they gaze upon the walkers behind the fence when Lizzie takes the knife from Carol’s hand and puts it in her pocket.

Daryl tells Rick he’s the spine of the group and informs him that he is needed in the front line. “You gonna help us figure this out?” says Daryl as he’s digging graves. Rick defends, “I screwed up too many times. Those calls you got to make, I start down that road…I almost lost my boy–who he was.” Daryl is disappointed from what he hears. “Whatever else this place needs, I’m here for it,” concludes Rick. Nothing more Daryl can do except “I see when the shit hits, you’re standing there with a shovel.”

Maggie yells for Daryl and Rick because the fence is on its way to meet the earth. Nothing helps. Rick’s last resort is to lure the walkers away from the fence by using the pigs as bait. Daryl drives the truck with Rick sacrificing the pigs as the rest tries to add supports to the fence. It works. Now they just need to know who has been feeding rats to the walkers.

Beth tends to Michonne’s sprain foot while Judith is playing with red plastic cups beside them. Michonne regrets leaving and says it would have been better if Carl and Maggie had let her die. Beth objects. Judith is coughing too much that Michonne takes notice.


Later on Judith spits out carrots onto Beth, and Michonne hesitantly babysits. Judith reminds her of Andrea and she embraces the moment. Carol speaks to Carl not to tell his dad that she’s training the children how to use knives. Carl does not want to lie so he comes straight with Rick. Rick says he won’t do anything to stop Carol. As the pig barn is burning, Rick hands the once buried gun back to Carl. The revolver is holstered and wrapped around Rick’s waist.


Tyreese heads to Karen with flowers in his hand. He instead finds a trail of blood and follows it. Outside, there are two burnt corpses–one, who perhaps is David, and the other, Karen. Only her Rock-Paper-Scissors bracelet remains intact.

Is Judith infected? How will Tyreese hold up after Karen’s death? Who’s feeding the walkers? Did some of that baby carrot get into Beth’s mouth? Is the photo the last thing Glenn will see before he dies?


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Infected

  1. Great review, as always! Adventure Boy is speculating that The Governor is secretly feeding the walkers rats. I think Judith IS infected because they make her milk bottles from the water….whatever it is, it moves super fast….”super bug” contamination. Someone is poisoning the water! Tyreese will eventually die because he kissed Karen. Wait. Glenn is going to die? With this many people infected, especially the main characters, is this the last season? Just kidding. By the next previews, they are wearing masks. How is Carl still alive after 4 seasons? That is not fair! Hehe! When will he turn? It will be a great day when Carl becomes a walker, hahahahha!

    1. Could be, AB is smart! Karen could be an informant for the Governor, she could have just planted that bracelet onto another person and burnt the body. Glenn taking that snapshot of Maggie and tucking it in can only mean he will possibly be in his last season. He’ll take out the photo and look one last time before he succumbs to his wounds. I want the Governor to appear soon rather than half the season remaining. He makes a good central villain that it makes me wonder who can top him.

      1. Or Maggie’s last season, although I like both Glenn and Maggie. I think they make a cute couple and they still have a lot of potential for their characters. I’m not familiar with the comics, but if I was, I’m sure I’d know what was to come, although I do know the writers take liberations with the adding Daryl to the story. I’m still trying to get used to the new characters. I’ve been so used to the main characters, but like TWD likes to do, they’ll kill off someone very quickly! Karen was coughing and looking pretty bad, but maybe it was all an act? Hm….

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