The Walking Dead: Isolation

Glenn is digging graves, possibly Patrick’s grave from the Harry Potter glasses that is beside Glenn. Maggie is off at a short distance also digging and they both make eye-contact of uncertainty and feared speculation. Carol, Rick, and Daryl surround a panicked Tyreese who is devastated and lost in translation standing before the burnt corpses of David and the love of his life, Karen. Tyreese, full of grief and anger, protests “Somebody dragged them out here and set them on fire. They killed them and set them on fire!” Rick’s eye is fixed down on the charred figures when suddenly his reflexes make him look up to the victim’s advance towards him and Daryl reacting the same. “You’re a cop.” blurts out Tyreese standing between Rick and a protective Daryl. He continues “You find out who did this and you bring ’em to me. You understand? You bring ’em to me.” Rick says that he knows what it feels like losing a loved one and tries to calm a hulking Tyreese. If Tyreese had been with the rest of the group from season one, he would absolutely know one-on-one the enormous losses of Rick. This time, however, nothing can calm him and he gives a beating to Rick and escapes Daryl’s grasp. Proactive as Rick wants to remain, he pins Tyreese down to the floor and punches him like a punching bag. We see Glenn is beginning to show symptoms so he is placed in quarantine along with Beth and Judith, Sasha, Lizzy and Mica, Dr. S, and Hershel. You can only imagine how Maggie is dealing with her entire family being quarantined.


Tyreese, realizing his sister will not be turned, finally agrees to join Daryl’s group, consisting of Michonne and Bob, to head to West Peachtree Tech’s veterinarian building 50 miles away to retrieve antibiotics–if there are any. Daryl turns on the radio and a voice transmits seeking for survivors to find refuge at his camp. As quickly the sudden man’s voice appeared and disappeared by static, the group’s car gets surrounded by walkers. Since the rear tires are stuck on top of walkers, all fight their way towards the college. Tyreese somehow manages to pound his hammer into every walker closing in on him from every side ( “This is for you Karen!” ) and meets the rest, albeit exhausted. What they don’t know is there are tens of thousands of walkers in their headed direction. Rick is now investigating clues around the grim crime scene; he discovers a bloodied hand mark on the door jamb. “Getting close.”

Carol disregards Rick’s suggestion by going out alone to fix the water hose connecting to the well. She barely survives and we see she needs to lift weights since she had quite the trouble getting the machete from the walker’s skull. Good thing Rick found Carol, but he had to use his left hand to shoot ( right hand is sprained and bandaged up from beating Tyreese ). Carl is quarantined as well and is told to remain there. He packs his belongings including the family portrait Michonne had rescued in season three, and heads out not before telling his dad that if the need comes, he will kill if anyone would turn in quarantine. Hershel sets out into the woods with Carl as bodyguard to collect berries to make his late wife’s tea as a flu reliever because he is compelled to help ( Daryl earlier said there is always running involved outside of the prison when Hershel wanted to go with them to gather antibiotics ). Two walkers meet them and they leave with their collection as Hershel deemed them not as a threat ( One walker had a leg brace. Foreshadowing of Hershel meeting the same fate? NOOOO ). Dr. S coughs and blood is covered on Hershel’s face.

The million dollar question: “Who killed David and Karen?”

The answer:






If there are any antibiotics left, how much is actually left? Who will decide who gets treatment or not with only a handful of pills? Who exactly is that guy behind the radio so willing to help survivors? Could it be the Governor? Could the Governor have heard the same broadcasting and be on his way there to either indoctrinate them or murder them? Perhaps Rick and the rest may travel there after the prison’s been compromised only to be ambushed? Or Glenn, once he is himself again, will volunteer to scout the area only to be caught and held hostage? If Carol can kill David and Karen, can she kill the others who were with her since season one if they were to start constantly coughing? What will Rick do next? Will Carol be Rick’s one of many new enemies? If so, who’s side will Daryl take? When will Rick step up? I personally prefer the “This is not a democracy!” Rick we saw in season two.


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Isolation

  1. I KNEW it was Carol the minute I saw her reaction after Rick punched Tyreese in the face! Something just told me it was her. She looks like an angel, but she has motives! So glad I got something right this episode! Glenn will survive, of course, after Daryl and crew come back with the meds. The council will get priority in my opinion like Glenn and Hershel. I like the Doctor. He’s pretty cool and I hope they keep him around for a bit. I think there’s potential for his character because there are two doctors now. I think the Gov is up to his old tricks. Poor Glenn, the scout master. He’s been scouting out places since Season 1. Poor thing. He always ends up paying the price or nearly getting killed as a result. Lol. I think Carol, at this point, has the mentality of “survival of the fittest”. I sure like the idea of Daryl having to choose between taking sides of Rick or Carol. That sounds mighty delicious for future episodes. WHY IS RICK being a kitten about things? Is it because of his wife’s death? Carl is acting more like a man than Rick is…I know. Shocking I even said that. Since you know Carl is my favorite TWD character (snickers). Just kidding. Have you noticed the walkers are more skeletal in this season? That one walker by the tree was creepy. I thought that foot contraption was a bear trap on her foot. Is that what Hershal said to Carl? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Btw. I add AMC’s TWD twitter account alongside the blog link to your reviews. I find it only appropriate they read an episode review from you and see what a great episode reviewer you are. 😀

    1. Very smart to see that about Carol. Applauds! You’re right, it’s not a leg brace, lol. And yes, they are looking more skeletal in a state with so few humans left. If you think about it, they are only a small picture in a grand canvas. The canvas being other humans are more dangerous. “Fight the dead, fear the living.” This is when our true colors are made known. Carl is toughening up into a character I like. He’s changed a lot if you go back to season one. Carol could be a protege of the Governor. Wouldn’t it be soooo fresh to see some original members leaving the group to join another? Not out of “that group is stronger so I’m abandoning this one” mentality, but “that group needs someone like ? and that someone is me.” mentality. 2 doctors? Dr.S is secretly teasing Hershel of why he chose to be a vet instead of a real doctor. LOL, but Dr. S started coughing and telling Sasha to warn the others of the inevitable outcome. He may get better though.

      And thank you for the TWD Twitter! Would have replied sooner but internet got cut off 9 days until today. Need to watch latest TWD episode soon. =]]

      1. Haha…I’m imagining Carol as the Governor’s protégé. There is a twitter parody account of some of the TWD characters and the two Rick Grimes account are hilarious! I literally am in tears (of laughter) when I read their tweets. Anyways, one of Rick Grime’s twitter pics is of Carol wearing an eye patch acting like a governor. LOL! Rick Grimes is always making funny and sarcastic remarks about Carol, I just die laughing!! Lately, Rick Grimes has been demanding the ghost of Lori to make him “ghost pancakes”. LOL!!! I’m impatiently waiting to read your latest review. I got one of my friends, Java_Jean to subscribe to your blog here on WP. No problem about linking your blog to the TWD channel. For your next one, I’ll attach the TWD channel and Andrew Lincoln’s twitter account to it. Hopefully, Andrew will check it out and like it. I’ll try to attack a TWD actor to each blog post you do. Stephen will be after Andrew Lincoln. Glad to know your internet is back on! Enjoy the episode!!! 😀

      2. Thank you =]] yup, I see a lot of imposters in Youtube with TWD accounts; Carl, Hershel, Daryl, Governor, and Rick, lol. It was hilarious reading their posts but then it got old.. to me at least, ha. It will be a huge ice crack if Carol were to team up with Rick’s nemesis. Seriously you and I should be the writers! I saw a photo of Carol holding a blow torch with the caption “I heard someone coughing.” Cracks me up!

        I will likely post a double review after tonight’s episode and have it up by tomorrow. HANG ON, CID!

      3. YEEESSSS! You *finally* called me Cid…uh..for the second time. LOL. Consider yourself lucky because not many WP bloggers know my name (or half of it) Cid. is half of my full first name. Did you mean twitter, instead of YouTube? Just wondering. HAHA, that is hysterical about Carol holding a blow torch and the caption below it! Carol is sooo coming back. With WHO or WHEN she will return is very mysterious…my take is that she will come and rescue the crew from danger or turn hard core evil. What do you think happened to her? Something happened from the last episode from last season and this season to make her the way she was. Personally, I can understand where she is coming from. But Rick had to be all deep and got rid of her too quickly. But at the same time, I understand he was also protecting her from Tyreese. I think maybe Rick will have to kill off Tyreese (he’s going to be killed off most likely because his character is one dimensional and getting BORING), which then will carve a path for Carol to come back. Wait, a double review? Woohoo! AB and I are working on the Thor movie review. I will be taking a nice good swipe at the critics of it. Looking forward to the post! 😀

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