The Walking Dead: Internment

As Rick is returning home, he witnesses stray dogs up close near a limbless walker, possibly just curious or feeding on its rotten spoils. He glances back at the watch Carol had given him hours ago. “Did I do the right thing?” is the philosophical question he has to ask himself every time the watch reminds him of that unforgettable event. Back at the prison, Hershel, Sasha, and Glenn are fervently trying to rescue Henry from becoming a drowned victim of his own blood by intubating him. Sasha and Glenn are just as sick as Henry. Hershel gives an immediate order for them to drink the tea, and to handle this crisis humorously, he recommends that Spaghetti Tuesdays will now be on every Wednesdays. It’s frightening to know that blood is the life force of every living being and that same life force can be a terminal cancer. The patient is now in the hands of Sasha keeping him alive and that shifts would be taken to tend to him. 

Hershel and Glenn see that Mr. Jacobson’s face is mascaraed with blood. Just as Glenn is about to unsheathe his knife Hershel disrupts him. “Not here. I don’t want them to see,” Hershel says. Glenn brings in the subject of Henry saying if he is going to meet the same fate as this man, are they both willing to carry Henry down the stairs, cover his corpse with a sheet, and lead him out the exit while the men, woman, and children are watching from the cell. What if Glenn dies before… Hershel disrupts him once again reasoning no such thing will happen. Glenn sees no logic in this but nonetheless respects his elder’s call. They are about to exit when Lizzie asks what’s happening. Hershel answers we’re taking Mr. Jacobson to a quieter place. He tells her that we all have a job to do, and her job is to go read his copy of “Tom Sawyer.” Out in the execution chamber, Hershel answers that he never had to do what Glenn and Sasha has been doing–driving a knife to the head. Glenn stakes Mr. Jacobson’s head as his reanimated corpse suddenly leaps to take a violent bite of Glenn’s neck. Hershel looks on with his Bible, the black leather bound devotional he always carries in his pocket, grasped in his hands opened to Revelations.

Maggie speaks with Hershel in the execution chamber, only separated by a 5′ by 3′ window. She pleads to be with him and Glenn but is told to be patient a little longer. Meanwhile, Glenn is listening by and thanks Hershel for keeping Maggie out. If she had seen Glenn’s turmoil state, she would have indeed forced herself in into the sick bay.

Maggie vents her anger and frustration by killing as many walkers as possible behind the fence until she opens the gate for Rick and Carol. Rick immediately asks if the others are fine and is relieved by Maggie’s answer. She asks about Carol. She’s the one who killed Karen and David says Rick. He had to let her go not only because of Tyreese, but for the sake of every lives at the prison. Maggie agrees it was the right judgment call but confesses she herself could not have done what Rick did. He tells her there are no room for doubts.

He meets Carl and delivers him the bag of fruits. Carl insists that he wants to help, but to his dismay Rick tells him he will damn try his best to keep his son safe. Glenn is now on his shift to be beside Henry. Hershel visits Dr. Subramanian and he urges to tend to him. Dr. Subramanian gives a speech about survival and shows him the shotgun he has kept under the mattress just in case. Hershel’s face glooms when he notices bloody eyes on Dr. Subramanian. Later, Hershel kills a man who has breathed his last in the execution chamber. Rick watches behind the window. He tells Hershel that he is doing an honorable thing and keeping hope alive. Carol’s unfortunate demise shocks Hershel.

Hershel discovers a passed out Sasha and frantically inserts an IV tube to cure her severe dehydration. Unbeknownst to him, there is a walker beside their cell. Henry dies and Glenn chokes on his blood. Lizzie comes at just the right time–for Glenn and Henry who has just turned–and yells loudly for Hershel. The walker meets face-to-face and pins Hershel to the floor. A good Samaritan rescues him only to get accidentally shot by a man, also trying to rescue Hershel, whose arm has been bitten by his walker brother.

Rick and Maggie are fortifying the fence. Rick hits the floor when a walker grabs his leg. Maggie cuts off the arm like pork chop. They both hear the shot and Maggie is dispatched to the source. Carl replaces Maggie and father and son are working together. Both are clueless of what is transpiring inside the prison, with Rick convincing himself and Carl that if things were worse Maggie would have gotten them and more shots would be heard. All of a sudden, the fence is breached. Carl runs towards the guard tower with Rick following from behind, tackling walkers on his way. There must be at least thirty walkers! They make their way over to the weapon storage and Rick briefly instructs Carl of the assault rifle’s mechanics. Either shoot or run he says. The walkers are all taken down and Rick is proud of his son.

Lizzie taunts Henry away from a dying Glenn. She trips and he lands on top of her. Hershel races to the second floor and throws the walker over the rail onto a fence platform. He hides Lizzie with a young boy in a cell. He sees the only way to save Glenn is to incubate him, and the incubator is in Henry’s possession. Maggie is desperately trying to find a way in. The steel door is stuck with the axe she tried to break in to. Execution chamber–she races to its location and shoots the window. Hershel remembers the shotgun in Dr. Subramanian’s cell and retrieves it, but not before killing him. He baits the incoming walkers away from the onlooking eyes of Lizzie and the boy into another chamber and kills them all. Afterwards, he climbs to the shaky platform where Henry is lying with hands wrestling with his. Maggie shoots Henry from the ground floor much to Hershel’s plea not to since she could miss and instead damage the incubator Glenn so desperately needs.

Maggie pins down Glenn’s arms while Hershel inserts the tube down his throat. Glenn’s commotion drops to soft breathing. As Daryl’s group has already arrived and with Bob injecting Glenn with Ciprofloxacin, Hershel returns to the once Dr. Subramanian’s cell and takes out his Bible with the doctor’s corpse in front of him.

A man with such humble convictions and an impenetrable faith, believing that life is a test, Hershel drops the book and breaks into tears.

The next morning, Michonne and Hershel are off to burn the bodies. Daryl, on Hershel’s advice, tells him to go talk to Rick about what happened to Carol. Rick at first wanted to meet Daryl, but instead postponed it to spend time with Carl. The father and son tend the farm and eat its reward–colorful green peas.

The two walk away together as a dark figure musingly observes from a close distance.


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Internment

  1. “Maggie cuts off the arm like a pork chop.” HAHA! I love how you casually wrote that Philip! 🙂 That’s a shame Dr. Subramanian has to be killed off. Would have been nice to have a real doctor instead of a vet. But Hershel is becoming a bad a$$, pardon my French. 😛 It was cool to see the man who SHARES YOUR NAME (Philip) off in the distance. Over on Twitter, the TWD parodies have been hysterical!! Rick has been teasing everyone about Spaghetti night and The Governor has been pleading to come into prison because he has a can of spaghetti. It’s been so funny, the tweets, I’ve been in tears! I can’t stop laughing!!! Great write up my friend!!

    1. Hershel can obviously hold his own, and he demonstrated that. Daryl to Hershel, “You’re a tough S.O.B.!” The cast should do a parody featuring Spaghetti, lol.

      And sorry about your doctor boyfriend, Cid. Chin up!

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