What an episode Live Bait and Dead Weight were! I have to admit that these two episodes are the equivalent of flipping over upside down turtles. In the beginning the Gov’s closest allies, Shumpert and Martinez, clearly saw that their boss belonged to an asylum so they abandoned him and his life’s priority of seeking blood-thirst revenge. With nowhere to go, he roams the open-world alone and with each step he takes, I see his hope meter dwindling lower and lower. This drastically changes when he meets a family of four–Lily, Tara, Megan, and the father–who are taking shelter in an unsafe apartment. He sees Penny inside Megan and he begins to open his heart by getting oxygen tanks for her grandfather and teaching her chess. As a brain gradually loses knowledge when not studying, the Governor’s lost his touch of the “art of war” and we’re witnessing a noble, humble, vulnerable human being named Brian Heriot.

My name is Brian Heriot. My ancestor is Big Boss. In the year 2199, one-hundred eighty six years from now, the walkers will be all dead because they can’t live that long. A new threat will arise in which I shall be reincarnated and be called Neo. I will fight Machines and computer programmed Agents in black suits within the Matrix. The Oracle told me this.

As I was watching Dead Weight, I kept repeating “Redeem yourself! Hallelujah!” Brian joins Martinez’s group and everything appears to be fine, except this certain tug Brian can’t get rid of. He gets the finger when his love, Megan, tells Martinez she feels safe for the very first time now that she and her family are in his group. Control is what Brian hungers for. He drags Martinez toward the pit of walkers when the two are alone. If you ask me, Martinez deserved it as he was a complete jerk with a “Look at me! The Governor is now my personal butler and caddie” complex. Pete is also killed due to the fact that he is too righteous and too much of a momma’s boy. His brother, Mitch, is told of Pete’s misfortune and is persuaded, successfully, to join the Governor because he has no sense of right and wrong. Will Mitch keep calling Brian “One Eye Bri”?

Lily sees no need of finding better shelter until Megan is almost killed by a walker who breaches the camp. Thank the Governor for rescuing his Pumpkin v2.0 just in time!

Daddy’s here, Pumpkin v2.0.
Leather Jacket: $1,495
Straight Leg Jeans: $169
Leather Boot: $288
Slim Fit Cotton Stretch Dress Shirt: $145
Underwear and socks combo pack: $20
Leather Strap Watch: $600
Eyepatch: found on street
Looking this GQ in a zombie apocalypse, priceless.

The scene shifts over to the present: He focuses on Rick and Carl who are eating scrumptious, home-grown peas. He unholsters his pistol but considers it to be too easy. Chatter off in the distance–he sees Hershel and Michonne–the katana wielding soldier who killed his original Pumpkin–and the credits are rolled as his finger is about to pull the trigger.

Alas, the Governor’s resurrected! Who will he shoot–Michonne or Hershel?

If I were the Governor in that time and place, I would kill Hershel. Michonne would only live to see the people she cares so deeply for die in front of her one by one.

I would love to see a Governor spin-off! I know he’s evil, but I still have this fondness for him. And these two episodes obviously shows he can hold his own show. Funny thing is, David Morrissey does have his own show where he is a detective in Thorne.


13 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Live Bait & Dead Weight

  1. Nooooo! Why would you kill off Hershel? He’s such a sweet old man who puts everyone first before himself? If I were “Brian”, I’d kill of Carl! HAHA! You know, my favorite character! Sometimes I’m tempted to read the comics to see what happens, but I know the writers do their own thing, which is still cool too. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never read the comics! Oh. David has his own show? I’ll have to check it out? Did you see the video from Ellen where she scares him with a zombie/alien thing? It’s pretty funny to see David’s face. Imagine if his v2.0 “Pumpkin”: got killed off? Brian would go bonkers!!! The GQ part was funny, haha! Those are some expensive duds the Gov is wearing just to look all model like on that dock. LOL. Nice write up. Funny too! 😀

    1. Saw it and yea, it was funny, lol. I Googled TWD and I couldn’t help myself from reading the Wiki comics. I did NOT want to but the dark side was too overpowering. Did you know Brian is his real name? Philip is the name of his younger brother he admired so much.

      1. HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS? Is this really Steve who plays Glen acting like a guy named Philip on WordPress? LOLOLOLOL! Juuuust kidding. Ah. Yes, the dark side. Did you have any cookies from the dark side? No, I didn’t know Brian was his real name. But I’m sure the last name he took is not his real last name. It was actually seeing Brian/Philip being all bad and evil once again. Every time I mention Carl being my “favorite” character on TWD on your comments, the parody twitter account of “Carl Grimes” favorites my tweet with your blog post. LOL. I think that’s hysterical. 😛 Keep up the great work blogging! I’m going to miss posting them on my twitter until February of next year. But I always add a link to the official TWD twitter handle along with your post so that someone from there can read your blog. 😉

      2. lol, that’s pretty cool to hear “Carl Grimes” favorites your tweets. Off topic and no hate, but Carl is more mature than Justin Bieber, and he’s like 7 or 8 years younger. Thank you kindly for the comment! What is this about February though?

      3. I totally agree with you on that. I think at this point, any male is more mature than Justin Bieber. About February, isn’t that when TWD comes on again?? They said mid season finale. I’m confused. 😛 I thought TWD seasons had at least 16 episodes. Meh. What do I know…

      1. Hahahaha, silly Philiip! I meant, grammatically I was putting way too many question marks on sentences I didn’t want or need them. Hey. Remember you once said we should be the producers of TWD. Or writers for it. I think you and I could be some quirky world leaders.

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