Packing my bags! Time for me to make millions!

So my Dad just informed me that Canada Goose is very popular in Korea. “Canadian goose all the way yonder in Korea?! Get out!” Turns out details help tremendously; Korea is very chilly Frosty would want to point a hair dryer, or carrot, to his head and end the season. The remedy for all the boys and girls of all ages is to fashionably wear their fashionably Canada Goose jackets–while waiting at the bus stop, in the library, sipping on coffee at Starbucks–these are spreading like wildfire! 

A rapid movement of any form like this is generally associated with the term “fad”. Likely you have been also surfing in a certain fad at least once in your lifetime whether you were aware or unaware at the time. I vividly remember Tamagotchi as the ’90s sensation. In church I among many other kids were religiously glued to the tiny black-and-white screen, our heads tipped south that by the time they were raised to make eye-contact with scolding parents we would get hit with a massive migraine.

Tamagotchi were originally designed for teenage girls, to give them an idea of what it would be like to take care of children.
Don’t get me started on Pokemon! I only need you, Pikachu!
Headphones, like Dr. Dre’s Beats, are popping like popcorn in Korea. Singer Hyuna wearing headphones.

Fad, according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as “something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short time.” If my opinion matters here, the majority aren’t aware that at checkout of a particular popular item they’ve fallen victim to Fad. Not until it’s the end of the road will they hopefully become aware. The ironic part is by the moment they realize this, they’re already involved in another fad. Just refrain from persuading Mr. Jack his wife’s involved with Fad. “No, that’s just a basic necessity.” 

We’re held as hostages by the clever Fad.