The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone.

The episode’s name pairs up consistently with Brian’s persona as strawberry jam is with peanut butter. The Governor no longer likes to be called The Governor as it’s shown when he rejects Hershel addressing him by that name. Why? Maybe it’s because he failed to look after the very people who looked up to him in Woodbury, or perhaps he wants to start a fresh, new meaningful life beginning with a new name. In either way, one can see that he is still the same psychopath from season three. Brian convinces and persuades his followers to help him overtake the prison. Rick gives a monumental speech of how he did evil things, but that he changed. That we can all come back. Brian appears to become sentimental. Hershel looks on with content at how much Rick has evolved as a character. Alas, Brian whispers “Liar” due to the fact that he is too far gone and strikes Hershel’s neck with Michonne’s katana. Rick unleashes a screaming “NOOOO!” and shoots Brian’s arm with, understandably, his left hand since his shooting hand is still healing. A fierce firefight ripples between Brian’s group and Rick’s group, and Rick gets shot in the leg while he runs toward the bus for cover. Hershel manages to crawl away from the line of fire until Brian catches up to him and deliver blows to his neck with the katana. A horrifying Lily carrying Meghan’s corpse stands numb in front of Brian and his victim. Brian holds Meghan and shoots her in the head–no expression of remorse or sadness on his face. Maggie and Beth, on the other hand, are sobbing harder and harder with each trigger they pull.

Good man–still has his wedding ring on.

Maggie rescues her sick Glenn and puts him on the prison bus along with the others who cannot fight. The bus flees unannounced while the gang is fighting at the prison. Bob survives a shot to his torso and he flees with Sasha and Maggie. Daryl kills a bunch of S.O.B.s and even takes out Brian’s right-hand man point-blank with an arrow. He and Beth flee together. Tyreese is taking heavy fire from some guy and Alisha, Tara’s girlfriend. All out of luck until the sisters, Lizzie and Mika, rescue him by shooting Alisha in the head. All three of them flee together.

Rick dies–almost–if it weren’t for Michonne plunging her katana (now filled with Hershel’s spirit) into Brian’s chest. Does Michonne finish the job? No. That’s for Lily to execute her once lover with a pistol. Michonne, for some odd reason, leaves a very vulnerable bruised and bloody Rick and goes off to somewhere. Possibly a ‘Michonne in Wonderland’ spinoff is in the works.

Judith’s carriage is empty with blood stains. Rick and Carl, who saved his dad’s butt from two walkers, cry at the sight. Nothing can be done. They flee the burning prison.

“Don’t look back, Carl. Just keep walking, or you’ll turn into sand.”

Midseason of season four begins tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

  1. Still on the fence of what happened to Judith. I’ve never seen a baby zombie, that would be kinda fun eh? Did you see that picture of Atlanta (when they got that freak snow) side by side with the opening scene of The Walking Dead? It’s the one where all the cars are on the left side and the right side is all empty. It’s eerily similar. The only thing missing was Rick on his horse! Anyways, my urgent question is this: What headset with microphones would you suggest for two players for Xbox? AB and I want to record a video of the two of us playing Fable Heroes and upload it on YouTube. Do we need a software to do that? How does it work? How do we set up the Xbox to record our game with us talking and record it to be able to upload it on Vimeo? It sounds complicated, but I knew you’d be the perfect person to ask. Thanks!!!!!!

    1. I assume you mean Xbox 360?


      You’ll need a capture recording device to record gameplay and to upload onto YT and other video sites. Generally hook up recorder to Xbox 360, there should be instructions on how to record by pressing such-and-such, and upload onto PC using the USB that’s connected to the recorder and plugging other end to PC.

      I never recorded gameplay, but typically it is like above. The manual will have better how-to.


      1. Thanks! 😀 We will try our best to record a game. My tax refund will be coming any day now, so we will be getting these! The green headsets are NICE! AB will love them!

      1. Yeah, I read the description. AB was very impressed with the headphones. He said, “Yeh, I know what they look like! They are the BEST you can get for Xbox 360!!” Well, one of the reasons why I want to buy them is because we watched a video of this YouTube couple (they just broke up a week ago) and they were hilarious! AB and I are pretty funny too, especially when we watch movies! We have these snarky comments and we always make each other laugh. Tonight’s episode TWD was very deep! Therapeutic too in many ways with what Michonne was going through choosing life or death. We later watched “The Talking Dead” and the actress who plays Michonne was on there with one of the Directors of the show. They got into full detail of what was REALLY going on with all the characters. I thought I was witnessing a group therapy session. It was awesome. They talked about grief and such. Carl is growing up to be a cutie. Anyways, before I get off track, what I was TRYING to say was that during the show tonight AB and I were reading live tweets from the parody accounts and laughing so hard! It was great! Haven’t laughed that hard in a few days! 😀 Looking forward to your show review.

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