The Walking Dead: Claim

This episode was mostly centered on Rick and his vulnerability. While Carl and Michonne are away gathering food, Rick’s brief ‘vacation’ of reading a novel bitterly evolves into hiding under the bed, shaking his hands like he had seen the boogeyman, and for quite a long time at that, from a group of hunters who have made an unwelcome visit. They are all armed with automatic weapons. Rick is unarmed. Their action of killing one of their own without showing any mercy instills cold fear into our usually calm get-things-done hero. Rick gets to see another hunter being taken down by another hunter right in front of him and almost getting caught. He manages to exit from underneath the bed while it’s occupied by the snoozing hunter. Rick has to escape the house which he successfully does, albeit he murders a hunter in the process. He grabs his weapon and is free.

Michonne tells Carl she had a son named Andre. Sound familiar to Andrea? Michonne comes upon a baby room with all the children dead. Her emotions get the best of her. Carl and Michonne return to the house. Freedom comes at a price: Rick hears them in the distance. The leader, eating his expired can of peaches in the porch, would have heard them too if it weren’t for the breach of walkers and screams catching his undivided attention. Rick quickly runs to them leading them away from the threat.

I think this guy is the leader of the pack.

Glenn wakes up from his injuries and makes Abraham halt the armored vehicle. Glenn is needed by Abraham as it’s the plan to head to D.C. as Eugene is the only hope to end all this madness–he knows the cure. Glenn ignores Abraham’s pleas and walks away, Tara following from behind. Abraham can’t take no for an answer and advances to stop Glenn. Glenn throws the first punch knocking down the sergeant. They fight and clearly Abraham has the advantage. Eugene fumbles with the gun as a group of walkers are closing in. The bullets unload directionless hitting the gas tank. The others come to his rescue. The vehicle is damaged. They all follow Glenn as he is determined to find his wife.

Rick and his group come upon a sign Carol, Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie and Mika had discovered earlier. Not the same exact sign, but a sign of hope and finding refuge, nonetheless. Rick untangles the wrap of bandages on his healed right hand. The three follow the train track to Sanctuary.

Viva la Sanctuary!

What awaits the refugees if they survive the horrors of both the dead and the living?

Who knew the ticking of Carol’s watch could be so audibly loud in a hostile environment.


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Claim

  1. Hey! Sorry, it’s taken me a while to read this post Philip! I did not forget you! Work has been busy with deadlines and I only read the first 2 paragraphs before I had to work again. Anyways, the latest episode with Daryl and Beth was such a snorefest. I know it was supposed to be meaningful, but it was just boring to me. Did you know Daryl was really eating eel for the snake scene? He hated it, hahahaha! Hopefully, the next episode will be a bit more exciting. I have to continue reading my huge comic book of TWD. It’s so heavy!

    1. I agree that it kind of was boring. Think it’s the first time I’m saying this. Foreshadow? Beth told Daryl that he would likely be the last man standing. What do you think? LOL, eel? Aren’t eels slimy? I’d rather have snake =]]

      Keep me updated on your comic book =]]

      1. Well, Beth foreshadowing….I don’t know what to think on that one. I haven’t read the entire comics so I’m not sure if that is true or not since Daryl wasn’t in the comics. Maybe it is. I like being kept in the dark about such things. Makes life much more interesting, yes? I’m enjoying the comics, even though I’m like on page 4 so far. (I’m a busy girl). I just can’t get over the time it took for the drawers to do each box. That’s A LOT of work!! Props to the writers and artists, wowzers! So I truly appreciate each drawing and realize the time it took just to draw one scene. I wouldn’t have the patience for it. 😛 Yes, eels are slimy, BUT Norman said on The Talking Dead that the “snake” he was eating was really eel aaaaand that he hated it! He kept having to do several takes and by the end of the day, he hated eel!! Lol!!

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