Where do I start? Do I begin with Daryl and Beth feasting on snake? Beth trying on new clothes before getting blood splattered on her lovely attire? Beth and Daryl drinking moonshine and taking turns sharing truths that takes you back to your high school days? Or Daryl finally seeing himself as Daryl and not like his drunken dad or ill-tempered brother Merle by burning down his house with its bad histories? There is virtually nothing to recap about ‘Still’ due to the fact that nothing really had an appealing feature. It was very boring out of all the episodes I’ve seen! Yes, character development is vital as it breathes life and holds the audience together, something TWD has done correctly for years, but to be honest there is nothing notable about Beth. She has the will to survive unlike in season two where she cut her wrists. Daryl is just Daryl. We’ve seen him as a redneck ass in season one gradually evolving into a caring, sympathetic Daryl in season two, searching non-stop for Sophia, to a well mannered, upstanding Daryl in seasons three and four. We all know he looked up to his older brother, however flawed he was, and now Rick is his role-model. Funny because in another time and place, Rick would likely be handcuffing Daryl.

Bluntly, diving into Daryl Dixon’s past has run its course. He can still progress and spill out many surprises along the way, but I think his development is done in the sense that he is so one-dimensional it would be a waste of time for solo-episodes focusing on him.

Tonight’s episode looks great, at least greater than the Beth and Daryl episode shown last week. I don’t think Bob will meet his end. Maggie, on the other hand, will likely get bit. Her or Sasha–or both! Bob might have an episode of his Army days as a medic and go crazy.


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Still

  1. Sorry it has taken me this long to read this post. I’ve been cra cra busy. Btw. I see your email address. You can’t run from me now, hehe. I’d much rather talk about things on there then on here BTW. :p I’m still in the midst of creating my personal blog where I will be free to speak my mind about my life in private to my closest blogger friends. It will be only accessed by a code. For only the elite of friends. Can’t wait for you to hang with me on there. 😀

    For this episode. Yes, it was so….snore…boring. I’m interested in seeing what they do with Beth and Daryl. I’m curious to see how they link these two characters and still have the show be consistent with the comic since Daryl is not in there. :p I would have loved to see Rick handcuff Daryl.

  2. Hey Phillip, sorry I just read this, I don’t go on wordpress a lot but yea… anyways I felt the same way about the episode that the show didn’t give as much content as the show always (till now) does. But of course if I had to pick a favorite part of it is that… umm…. I guess… Ok, I guess this proves both of our points… Well anyways, I guess I will talk to you later and comment on another TWD blog… so see ya soon!

      1. Doesn’t it always, and yea, I can’t wait till the next episode of walking dead and hope it makes up for the not so great episode with the person playing with the zombie or playing with someone ‘playing zombie’ outside with music and stuff.

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