1. Bob kisses Sasha before saying goodbye to search for Maggie who has left them to continue her search for her husband.

2. Sasha is very doubtful that her brother is alive. She is against Bob and Maggie’s agenda to search for Glenn who Sasha holds has met the same fate as her brother.

3. Sasha sets up a shelter in an abandoned building. She looks out the window and notices Maggie lying beside dead walkers next to an ice cream truck. The sound of shattered glass alerts the walkers. Both Sasha and Maggie are successful clearing the undead group.

4. After a brief uplifting speech by Maggie, the two walk towards the direction Bob had left shortly ago. The three all reunite with a common goal of reaching Sanctuary–the most viable place Glenn and the other survivors are likely traveling towards.

5. Glenn is more determined to locate his wife after seeing her blood written message beside the railroad. “She’s alive!”

6. Beth and Daryl seek shelter in a funeral home. They find the interior kept tidy and clean with a great amount of food. They take advantage of the good fortune; Beth writes a thank you note to whoever resides at the house.

7. Daryl wants to be a permanent resident with Beth, of course. Daryl takes rest inside a coffin while Beth is playing the piano and singing.

8. Their hopes are replaced with a riot of walkers breaching the house. Daryl yells at Beth to run outside and meet him there. Daryl is being chased to the basement; a lesser man would die, but Daryl outsmarts them all leaving without a scratch.

9. Beth has disappeared. She is kidnapped and taken away in a vehicle.

10. Usain Bolt, pardon, Daryl Dixon, dashes after the fleeing vehicle, but they’re long gone. Two roads diverge in front of him. He sits down with a posture of guilt. 

11. The hunters surround Daryl with their weapons drawn. The leader approaches Daryl and is knocked down by Daryl’s punch to the jaw. The leader acknowledges Daryl’s crossbow, aiming straight at his skull, and commends him saying a man with such a weapon rather than a rifle is a warrior. Daryl has no choice if he wants to survive than to join Joe and his group. The same group that made an unwelcome visit in Rick’s house.

"You pull that trigger, these boys are gonna drop you several times over. That what you want? Come on, fella, suicide is stupid. Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?"
“You pull that trigger, these boys are gonna drop you several times over. That what you want? Come on, fella, suicide is stupid. Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?”
That HAIR!

Will this be a temporary solution for Daryl? Will they cross paths with Rick? Or Glenn? Or Tyreese? Or Maggie? Is Beth singing a new song for her captor, or worse? A foreshadowing of Daryl’s demise from the coffin rest scene and teaching Beth how to use his sticky, strawberry-jam covered crossbow?

Bob is The Terminator. Got shot twice and lived through it like nothing happened.


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