The Walking Dead: Us

Only one more episode remains before the closure of season four. What will now happen to Glenn, Tara, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Bob, Sasha, and Maggie that they have all reached Terminus? Who is this Mary that greets them besides the BBQ grill? What exactly is this plate Mary is offering to cook for the new visitors? What of Daryl’s role in the new group? Joe obviously likes him and gets the guy who bothers Daryl killed. What of Carol, Tyreese, and Judith? Who will not survive? Who is this Gareth? Season four finale will go off on a big bang…


Wishlist: Daryl dies tonight. He sees Beth and as he tries to rescue her, Gareth is officially introduced–looking Daryl right in his eyes, face-to-face. To bring silence to Daryl fans–GLORIOUS! 

Predictions: Glenn dies, or at least suffers grave injury beyond repair (he’s a robot in disguise), from a gunshot or stab. See, giving Eugene your riot gear was a terrible, dumb idea. Joe kills Daryl after he sees Daryl trying to help the “weak” or stepping in for Rick.

What-if: What if Merle returned in season four as a member in Joe’s group? Had he never been killed off in season three, this would have been very promising.

Rant: How dare Carl not share his candy with his daddy!

4 hours & 30 minutes left! 


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Us

  1. Wait. Dude. How did this blog post pass by me? You ninja blogger, you! 😛 Interesting rants, predictions and (death) wish for Daryl. As the world knows by now. Daryl survives. So does Carl. For a split second, I thought Rick, Glen, Carl and Michonne were all going to die, but they live, of course. See!! I knew that crazy lady was up to no good as she cooked barbeque on the grill. That is scary. Cannibals! Terminus is a Venus flytrap. Well. The good thing is I have 7 months now to read my comic book which is very, very thick! I’ll read it on the cruise ship as I sunbathe on the deck. We’ll have one day out in sea before hitting Bermuda and I think two days completely at sea coming back to NJ. I’ll write more via email to you. Too much info on the web is not good for my stalkers.

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