IMHO 1 of ?: The Walking Dead’s Season 5’s Crossed


'WTF, bro?!'
‘WTF, bro?!’

One of these days Daryl will either die, commit suicide, or leave the group in a ‘goodbye my friends, I have personal issues to take care of on my own’ or in bad terms from possibly losing Carol and/or Beth. This is when Abraham will be Rick’s new right-hand man.

Last episode of Crossed, I could see Rick got a bit pissed and surprised/agitated/hurt/you name it that Daryl chose to side with Tyreese’s strategy of capturing the officers and using them as leverage instead of Rick’s original plan of kill all. Perhaps Rick doesn’t want to go back to his former days like in the Prison, farming peas and not wanting to be the good ‘dictator’ he was in the first two seasons (‘This isn’t a democracy!’ line in season two’s finale). He even held up and was about to kill that guy who was beating Daryl. Since Daryl is now seen as a ‘man’ by Carol’s view, he stopped Rick calling out his name a couple of times. The old Daryl would have beaten that guy senseless. Rick is toughening up, Daryl is still tough, but now a bit more sensitive and caring.

Who would have ever thought of a Sheriff’s deputy planning to kill officers? Rick has crossed the line!

Perhaps Dawn will come to her senses of abandoning the idea that things will be back to normal. She could be to Rick what Andrea is to Rick in the comics. I see a bit of Lori in her resemblance. Could Rick do a double take when they meet guns drawn?

Also, let’s not forget about Sasha and her eyes lighting up like it was Christmas when Bob came in to the picture. Nice head-butt, Bob! Prepare to meet her brother’s hammer soon =]] 

Side note: I have a great feeling Glenn will die in the season finale or by mid-season of season six.

February 8, 2015 shall conclude season five!


2 thoughts on “IMHO 1 of ?: The Walking Dead’s Season 5’s Crossed

  1. Hm. Lol! Loved this blog post, it’s how you used to write back in the day….funny with a splash of sarcasm or tongue in cheek. Even though Daryl was not in the original comics, it’s interesting how they are weaving the “bromance” between Daryl and Rick. You do understand most of America will “riot” if they kill off Daryl. Glenn will die? According to the comics at this point? Say it isn’t so! :p At least we have one more episode. 🙂

    1. Mid-season finale was sad. Seeing Daryl cry and Maggie was mind blowing. How is your comic reading? I have my theories of it not being Glenn, but Daryl. Show adding its own twists from the source material is better I think.

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