House in Winter White Snow


assassinsCreed   factionHouse5
Rendered 100 passes.
assassinsCreed   factionHouse
Front elevation. Rendered 100 passes.
assassinsCreed   factionHouse
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood faction house.

I often design my own buildings, but this time around I used a house from Assassin’s Creed. Made some tweaks though. There were no dimensions so I took the liberty of my made up ones.

Total square feet is 1650. Added Brick Antique to the top half above the 36″ Stone Coursed veneer which are entirely wrapped around the house. Initially made it all bricked with stone below, but there was too much brick I felt it was impractical so why not a little variety of dividing the west with brick and east with Cladding Weathered wood. The columns and walls are of marble material.

assassinsCreed   factionHouse2
Left elevation. Rendered 50 passes.


The 7’X5′ window frames are eight piece set. The 3’X8′ doors are embellished with just some abstract doodles I quickly made. The lanterns frustrated the heck out of me! Everything was going smoothly until I tried to use the Follow Me tool to make the 90 degree pipe frame. After about an hour of fails, I searched up a forum and realized I was doing it right, it was just that SKU didn’t seem to like curved piped angles. I extruded the lines longer and finally it worked! The 25’X8′ balcony–base is Polished Concrete and the rail/guards are Wood Plywood Knots.

assassinsCreed   factionHouse3
Rear elevation. Rendered 50 passes.
assassinsCreed   factionHouse4
Rendered 50 passes.

The exterior/interior walls are both 6″ thick. The interior is empty. Don’t know yet if I plan to add partitions and stairs because I have another project of my own I have kept backlogged that I would like to resume. Time will tell, but spiral stairs shall definitely be added!

Download the model:

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