Me Before You: ‘Live Forever’ Music Video

Watched Me Before You recently. It was quite well done. I’m glad I watched it alone because some tears were shed and I felt uncomfortable because topics that I’ve questioned were discussed. I can relate quite a bit with Will Traynor having been struck by a car when I was eight years old with a traumatic brain injury. Consequently, using a power wheelchair has replaced my legs. Consequently, it was as if I was watching my personal thoughts being on screen. Consequently, like Will, I keep rewinding back to the ‘what ifs…?’ of the past. The countless, positive responses I reason to myself only reaffirms that I haven’t totally let go of the past, even after two decades. I’m stuck in an infinite loop. I hope I can find something or someone to help me reach the light at the end of tunnel. Hope… A simple word with a deep meaning. Hope must be doing something right in my life since I’m still here.

Anyway, the above is a MV I made featuring Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors’s brilliant song ‘Live Forever’.



2 thoughts on “Me Before You: ‘Live Forever’ Music Video

  1. Aww. I did not know. 😦 I have to watch this movie now for sure; it was in my list of movies to see soon. I’m glad you hang on to hope because that’s what I hand on to too. We are similar in that my dearest friend.

    1. I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you there. Ha, Mickey throwing nuts at you. My neighbor’s chihuahua used to always greet me after school by barking non-stop. Yeah, that lunch photo was on the news. I wish kids will genuinely want to be his friend. Travis is a good guy in my book.

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